Landscaping Tulsa, OK

There’s a lot beneath the surface in

crafting a landscape uniquely suited

to you. We’ll describe here the

broad categories of our services.

And if your imagination pushes the

envelope ‒ we love a challenge!



Architects have designed many beautiful buildings. But it’s something else stepping into a space that’s actually alive! All the more when it was designed around you, for how you want to relax or celebrate, a place that’s at times a personal refuge on a quiet morning with just your thoughts, or at others a private getaway shared with family and friends. And so we take a lot of time to listen, to ask, and to be very thoughtful about this. We want to deeply understand how we can delight everyone we work for, and that continues in the way we install our designs. Once we’re hands-on in crafting a landscape, that understanding often guides us to discover the extra little touches that will make it even more than our clients expected.  So it’s a joy for them and for us, and we’re grateful every day we’re landscaping Tulsa, OK.



We care very much about landscape maintenance.  Nature never stops changing, so the way we care for lawns, for trees, for all those growing things has a big impact on whether the changes are beautiful and rich or things start getting into conflict, which will cost more to fix later.  If you’re just looking for lawn care, Tulsa OK has plenty of contractors.  And we are proud of a nice, neat, trimmed and edged lawn, and offer chemical treatments.  But most yards also have trees or shrubs, hedges maybe, a few planters or flower beds.  And one of the most satisfying things we do, that we take real pride in, is caring for all parts of a landscape. And for many years – decades now – we’ve had people come home to see that everything is clean and serene, nothing out of place, just perfect. And so, knowing we can give them that “ahh” experience of relief at the end of their day… there’s just something to that we’ve never tired of.



In contrast to the “softscape” of plants, soil, irrigation, or lighting, hardscaping features patios, walkways, outdoor kitchens, and the like. They give landscapes timeless beauty in their own right, and you should expect decades of use from a good hardscape. Definitions aside, in designing hardscapes, Tulsa has entrusted us with exciting challenges, not just of know-how but real creativity – like setting a giant slab of rock overlooking a private grotto! Speaking of water features, we thoroughly plan for drainage in every hardscape, which prevents expensive repairs. We also think of how sound reflects in a space, which lets us give people much needed relief from outside noise. That kind of craftsmanship in aesthetics and problem solving pays dividends, and we’re kind of proud of that!



Nightscaping is designing outdoor spaces with an eye for landscape lighting. Tulsa, like many cities, often focuses on outdoor lighting for security. And, yes, discouraging unwanted guests – four-legged or otherwise – is a key benefit in a place you can comfortably relax. Too often, though, we see people forget that blinding friends and family or yourself in the process isn’t great! Good design avoids that. Really, our nightscapes give you two landscapes: one seen by day, and another under the stars. And that “second act” can be dramatic, though we see something more important than just outshining the neighbors. If you’re outside talking with family or friends, or just enjoying your own company after a long day and, as the sun sets, you don’t have to think about going inside until you want to, we know we’ve done our job.



Edible landscaping and edible garden design brings a treat for the eyes as well as being, well, treats! Imagine having tasty fruits, roots, leaves, and seeds from artfully arranged beds, vines flowing over trellises, or tucked along garden paths. Nature doesn’t plant crops in rows, and they’re actually healthier, without pesticides, with different plants as companions – that’s sustainable landscaping! We’re also concerned by commercial crops having outbreaks of disease and about the safety of what we eat and feed our family and friends. But also there’s just a comfort in having food from your own land, fresh as can be, and being able to simply reach out to pluck berries off the bush as you relax in your edible oasis.