About Us

Hi! I'm Randal Wise.

How could your backyard beat every app on your phone and every show in your queue for how you want to spend time after work? Can you imagine your yard being so tranquil that, when you need to unwind, it’s where you most want to be?

For over a quarter century, Greenkeeper’s Landscapes has designed natural spaces for people, and grown from a little outfit I started with the best business parter I could ever want ‒ my wonderful wife Charla ‒ into a team of real craftsmen I work beside and who share our passion. But it started a bit before our founding in 1989, back when my Dad thought I should have a job. I was 12.

My parents were hardworking, and knew life brought difficult times. So they taught me early on that I could work through difficulties. I started a mowing business, with a loan from Dad, that I paid back. I even trimmed grass on hands and knees with shears; weed eaters didn’t exist then. But I felt a satisfaction seeing every detail cared for ‒ still do ‒ and to this day, most days at work are just wonderful!

Landscaping in Oklahoma

I enjoy so much in all we do; but maybe most of all is getting to know people. Sometimes I take way too long talking to our clients, but I'm just enjoying it so much! However, in designing a natural space tailored to my clients, I think our listening really gets them their money’s worth, in everything Greenkeeper’s does, but especially in design. It just costs less taking the time to plan it right the first time. And for any craftsman, there’s a joy in creating something that is all about the person who’ll be using what you make, showing them the final product, and it’s everything ‒ even more than they’d hoped for! And that really just fills my cup.

There’s also a joy in being around Nature, which a lot of us are missing! I’ve read many studies about it’s health benefits, mind and body, but it’s another thing I owe my parents for teaching me early in my life.

Our family vacations were always camping ‒ we didn’t have money for hotels.  But in that, I did see the country!  My love for the out-of-doors I think came from those experiences, sleeping under the stars with my folks. I wouldn’t trade those for anything.  And at National and State parks, I’d come back from the tours that naturalists and rangers would take kids on just in awe of how neat the things I’d learned about Nature were! Still am. Maybe that’s why my father suggested I start a business in “Custom Lawn Mowing” in particular. Dad, as a Pastor, I remember had just this gift for understanding people.


There’s one more thing, maybe the most important, that drives me in creating “backyard staycation resorts” as I call them, and other Natural spaces that delight our clients. It’s something that resonates with everyone we’ve chosen to add to our team of master craftsmen and the wealth of allies we’ve cultivated ‒ everyone who has proven, over the decades, that we can trust them to listen and deliver just what our clients dreamed about.

Oftentimes, the thing that a person wants in a landscape harkens back to something seen or experienced in the past.  At my home, where Charla and I relax in our backyard after work, there are aspects of the yard at my grandfather’s farm, where Dad grew up.  And, from a landscaping standpoint, it wasn’t anything grand, but it was simple, it was thoughtful, it was peaceful, and safe!  And it was the scene for memories I’ll always cherish, shared with the most important people in my life, when we could be together. Now, we get to make those places for other people.  And so it’s very important to me and Charla, and everyone we’ve chosen to work beside, that we’re very thoughtful in all we do. And, you know, in some ways it doesn’t feel so random that Dad’s suggestion all those years ago led to what I’m still so happy doing today!


If you have a space you’d like us to create with you, please fill out the “Request A Quote” form below or call us at 918-234-3810.  We’d love to hear from you.